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Location: Teskey mountain range

Best Season: December – March

Snow condition: Light powder snow

Dear guest we are glad to invite you to our winter camp in Tien Shan Mountains. Ski touring in Kyrgyzstan is getting more and more popular each year, 94% territory of our country is mountains, which create many possibilities for skiing. One of the beast areas for backcountry skiing and snowboarding is Karakol, Karakol is located in the north part of Kyrgyzstan on the bottom of biggest mountain range in our country (Teskey Al-Too). The climate in our Karakol area is mild; it’s not cold in winter and so hot in summer time. CBTKarakol is run winter yurt camp for the winter attractions and mostly for ski touring, backcountry skiing or snowboarding. Our yurt camp is located in the end of the Boz Uchuk valley on the 2500 meters elevation above sea level; this is perfect base for our guests. The yurt camp is located in the forest and close to the river that half-frozen in winter. After 30-40 min ski walking you will see magnificent mountains with lots of wild slopes. Deep snow and beautiful mountains will make your day! Continental climate is one of the reasons of the stable snow in Boz Uchuk area, in November we have almost 40 centimeters of snow, the snow is light and dry. In wintertime when the snowstorms come, we have around 1-1.5 meters of snow. The temperature in the area is value from – 3C during the day until – 15C during the night. By skiing in our area you will also met with our traditions and culture, CBT is develop local people in the area who make different services like transferring luggage with horses, Local cuisine and folklore music.

Dear friends and guests!

Do you want to ski in the biggest walnut forest in the world?


Or support local tourism and watch the spectacle of the Arslanbob Ski Challenge.

During the event there will be a music show featuring live singing and dancing with a modern sound system,

traditional wrestling, traditional horse games Er-Enish, donkey racing, and traditional game by pulling a rope.


Join us in Arslanbob in southern Kyrgyzstan on 21 January 2017 for our annual ski challenge.


The CBT will arrange lunch and a folklore show during the event. Please contact CBT office for more details. 

Our Program




20th January

Arrival and accommodation in our guesthouses

Introduction of the route

21rd  January


Start of the ski challenge and the folklore show, horse game






Presentation of prizes

Entrance cost: Entrance ticket per person 1000 soms (includes lunch and participation to the ski challenge);

ski rent per person 500 soms (limited availability)

Important: Participants should bring their own ski equipment because CBT has a limited amount of ski utensils.

     Discover the beauty of the  Alay valley  the way locals do on horseback or on foot.The feeling of adventure is mirrored by the impressive landscape; green hills and snowy peaks layered over each other to create a spectacular scene with only the grazing sheep to remind you that this is Earth.  At the highest peak of the mountain passes, the snow blows all around, impressing on you the ruggedness of such a remote land. The hand waving of nomads and children shouting “Hello” is the essence of Alay valley.Camp with Kyrgyz families who spend their summers tending to and protecting their herds. Help locals in making traditional bread and cheese. Follow ancient trails as you move from jailoo to jailoo. Your surefooted horses find their way along wild river gorges and up winding passes through the rocky landscape. Summer is a time for fun, and you can join the cheers of the local people of Alay who gather for popular horse riding games on Sundays. People come from miles around to show off their riding skills and buy and sell locally produced kymyz, fermented horse’s milk and slightly alcoholic. Choose between the privacy of your own tent or stay in a comfortable shepherd’s yurts.

cycling picture 


 Bike tours









Bishkek- Kyzyl-Oi - Song Kol - Solton-Sary - Ak-Tash – EkiNaryn – Kochkor - Bokonbay – Bishkek


Duration: 8 days


Category: Auto, Cycling


Level of Diffculty: Medium


Group Size: Max 10 people


Requirements: Weatherproof Warm Clothes, Trekking boots, Hat, Sunglasses and Sunscreen


The total lenght of the tour route is over 1 200 km.


The length of passing the distance on a bike is more than 370km




Day 1. Transfer from Bishkek to Suusamyr valley. (3 hours driving in the car). Than start cycling for 40 km distance heading to Kyzyl-Oi village. Overnight in home stay with dinner. Lunch picnic on the way in a wild.

Day 2. After breakfast the CBT car will escort you to the top of the Kara-Keche pass, where the road opens down to the valley of Song-Kol Lake. From there we will cycle down into Song-Kol valley. This day’s cycling distance will be about 20-25km, until we reach the first yurt camp on the lakeshore. You can enjoy the traditional yurt village fro the evening and explore around the beautiful landscape. After wandering around the camp, dinner will be served and accommodation provided in the yurt.

Day 3. After a hearty breakfast, we will leave Song-Kol Lake by bike heading east for 30 km to where the serpentine road makes 32 loops. After our ascent to the top of the pass, we will carefully cycle down to the high way road Naryn-Bishkek. On the way, we will break for a picnic to enjoy the surrounding scenery. We will reach the highway road by bike, then finish the day with a transfer to Solton-Sary valley by car. We will camp in Solton-Sary for the night, tents and dinner provided 

Day 4. The day will be spent cycling down the winding mountain road into the Solton-Sary valley to the Ak-Tash place over the pass of Shamaldy-Say. We will make it into Ak-Tash just in time to have lunch at the local shepherd’s house  here we will spend the day resting, and you can even enjoy a hot shower or fish in the nearby river. Dinner will be served at the shepherd’s house where we will spend the night.

Day 5. After breakfast the escort car will drop you at the top of the Jalak-Bel pass, where we will be begin a long day of cycling down the mountain valley of Kara-Saz.  Lunch will be provided picnic-style along the way. Afterwards we will continue cycling to the gorge of Eki-Naryn, and follow the Naryn River. From there, we will begin our ascent to the gorge of Eki-Naryn, where we will spend overnight in the yurt camp. Dinner will be provided at the camp-site.

Day 6. Today will be easy day, less cycling. After having breakfast we will spend the morning cycling only 20 km to the next transfer point, where we will meet CBT car that will bring you to rest of way to the village of Kochkor via Naryn town. We will stop for lunch at the café on the way to Naryn. At the guesthouse, you will be welcomed with a hot shower and meal. We will stay the night at the guesthouse at Kochkor.

Day 7. After breakfast we will transfer the group by car to the Semiz-Bel pass and begin the last day of cycling down the valley of Issyk-Kul. On the way we will stop to have lunch picnic –style along the river of Tuura-Suu. In the afternoon we will arrive in the village Dong-Talaa, where we will be met by a car to take us to the lakeside Bel-Tam yurt camp. After arriving at the yurt camp you can relax and enjoy a hot shower and meal after long ride. Enjoy a nice stroll in the evening before bed; the lakeshore of Issyk-Kul is just a short 200 meters from the yurt camp location.

Day 8.  Spend morning by the lakeside or even take a dip in the lake if you wish. We will enjoy our final ar the yurt camp and then prepare to transfer to Bishkek in the afternoon. We wll arrival in Bishkek by evening time and accommodation in your hotel. The tour conludes.     




Program description: PDF





 CBT Kyrgyzstan" offers you many various options for adventure in our beautiful land, by visiting pearls of Kyrgyzstan such as Lakes of Song-Kul, Sary-Chelek, Ala-Kol and other remote hidden destinations of the Celestial Mountains. We make you familiar with customs and traditions of our people who spend summer time in high altitude pastures – “jailoos” in traditional yurts as it was hundreds years ago and are happy to open Kyrgyz hospitality for all our guests. 

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Season:  June - September

Category: Horseback

Duration: 9 days

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult (6 passes above 3400 m, the highest at 3600 m)

Best season: late June – mid September

Category: Horseback

Duration: 9 days

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult (6 passes above 3400 m, the highest at 3600 m)

Best season: late June – mid September

 Accommodation & meals:

5 nights in yurts and 3 nights in tents; 9 lunches, 8 dinners and 8 breakfasts.                             

Group size: 1-5 people

Requirements: trekking boots, weatherproof warm clothes, hat, sunscreen, sleeping bag with mat, sunglasses, rain coat.ent, sleeping

Remarks: Tents, sleeping bags and mats are available upon request

The jailoos are the pastures where Kyrgyz shepherds tend their flocks in the summer, and Song-Kol is the jewel of the jailoos, a stunning 270 km2 of sparkling water at 3016 m, surrounded by 3700 m mountains on all sides. For the fullest jailoo experience, approach the lake via the mountains enclosing the western end of Kochkor Valley, moving from jailoo to jailoo and staying with shepherd families in remote meadows far off the beaten path.  Enjoy homemade jam, fresh cream, bread still warm from the oven, and the best kymyz (fermented mare’s milk) around.  The route traverses remote Jumgal rayon, and reaches Song-Kol via Jalgyz-Karagai (Lone Fir) Pass on the north shore.

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 All information about Kyrgyzstan and Community Based Tourism in one brochure. The second issue is available now.




Traveling in Kyrgyzstan:

If you come to Kyrgyzstan, you have to visit a jailoo (high summer pasture) and other special places, to be alone with nature. Different tours are tailor-made for guests: hiking, on horseback or by car. During tours, you will enjoy the vastness of the mountains, purity of the air and water, meet interesting people and feel the depth and range of Kyrgyz hospitality.